Whats on in 2018?

  • Taking part at the St Gallen Tanz Fest!

with “Oxymoron” a dance piece made by PINION & CROWN ensemble!                                                   Sunday 6.5.18 Grabenhalle  20:00h    St Gallen ( Switzerland)                                                           


  • Jazz Dance Class for UNIsport St Gallen: Wednesday 19:10 @Merkurstrasse 2

  • Pilates Class in  St Gallen: Monday – 9.00 & 10.15 Thursday – 19:00 & 20:15

  • Spare Dance teacher at Theatertanzschule St Gallen

         Available for “BODY WORK-SHOP “

The Body Work-shop is dance movement training invented by PINION & CROWN ensemble and we tailor it for each of you! The training is designed to improve stability, flexibility and balance muscle strength, which in turn will help you to prevent injury, rehabilitate current injuries and increase your body awareness.

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                                                                                     Keep Moving…