PINION & CROWN ensemble

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PINION & CROWN is an emerging Trilogy Dance Art ensemble, founded and directed by Sara Marin and Griet Vanden Houden.
We search for situations, fractures and connections in society and life that we can express through dance. Supported by elements of theatre, music and multimedia, such as visual projections, we seek to explore and integrate ideas of intensity, technique, sensuality, speed, spontaneity, change of direction, irony and trust into our work.

How does a Pinion and Crown gear work? 15230589_1266444383430246_1862924289133638708_n

A pinion and crown gear works by meeting at an angle that allows
two shafts to rotate at different speeds. The pinion and crown gear
system can also allow a mechanism to change the direction of a
transmitted motion, torque, and change speeds.
The pinion and crown parts are both unique in shape, enabling them
to fi t hamoniously together to create the joint. It is only when the
pinion and crown meet that the balance and production of energy
is possible. A gear is one of the oldest power resources to generate

Trilogy Dance Art

TRILOGY, from Greek “tri” 3 and “logia” discourse. Is a set of 3 works of art that are connected and can be seen either as a single piece or as a three individual pieces. Three piece together will give you a completely new feeling.

PINION & CROWN ensemble is aiming to take Dance to a new level. We aim to reach different audiences through a variety of platforms in several different ways: live performance, moving image and photography.


Sara Marin (Italy) and Griet Vanden Houden (Belgium) both come from Academic backgrounds
as well as having studied at the National Academy of Dance Rome (IT) and
de!Kunsthumaniora Antwerpen (BE). They fi rst met at SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy
of Dance) (AT) 2008-2011. After graduating, they completed a one year Pilates Training
in mat and equipment, at the Academy of Modern Pilates International (AT). During and
after school Sara and Griet spent a lot of time together, working, sharing ideas, moments
of growth, tastes and traditions; infl uencing and enriching each other. Being friends and
professionally working together in different fields such as: dance, teaching, yoga aerial, performance,
video, photo-shooting, festivals and projects, they have built a special connection that is reflected in their own work.

Pinion & Crown is currently working on the the new Piece”Oxymoron”

The SAME same BUT DIFFERENT production(Live and Video) is available for
bookings and touring. We also offer Body work workshops.

Pinion & Crown has established a particular working methodology called ”Body work“.
Through diverse experience in Dance and Pilates we are able to bring various methods and
techniques together and deliver them to you in a unique and personalised form.

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Follows a common day in the lives of two women who come
from very different backgrounds. They each have their own Utopia, yet are forced to share the same space, which is divided only by an imaginary line. The work is a summary of 24 hours in which nothing important occurs and everything is forgotten. The dance piece blends fragments of ordinary gestures, which we are obliged to confront daily, with abstract movement.
Throughout the work the feelings of discordance, confusion and stress emerge. Will the performers meet? Or will they remain alone in their individual Utopias? Is every day a repetition of the last, or will they each experience a new journey?

concept, choreography and performance: PINION & CROWN ensemble

(Sara Marin & Griet Vanden Houden)
music composition Lukas Rabe & Bernhard Schabmeier

video recording and editing SensoReye Production

Curator: Jessica White.